Conversation is the new Customer UI


Intelligent Conversational Engine for Brands

How Artificial Intelligence self serves customers with a human like experience and simplifies customer interactions


How Artificial Intelligence self-serves customers with a human like experience and simplifies customer interactions

What Is Convy

Creates Omnichannel Enterprise BOTs to optimize the interactions between customers and brands


Support your business growth, thanks to human like experience that will improve your customer’s satisfaction and makes avaiable your services
7 x 24

Key Features

Solve customers’ recurrent problems. The contact may be transferred to a specialized human agent. You can integrate your systems be enhancing past investments

Omnichannel Easily connect

  • Chat
  • Web and mobile messaging
  • FB Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Skype for business
  • Etc


Convy understands open discussions and makes decision

Convy implements business logic using a conversational interface

Convy handles natural lenguage

Convy is not only chat BOT

Eudata ChatBOT

A Superior Customer Experience

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Fast/One contact resolution to increase customer satisfaction
  • Give customers the chance to choose their channel of choice (text, voice, social)
  • No more queues waiting an agent response
  • Bring an agent into a conversation for more difficult situations without missing a beat

Eudata ChatBOT

Value to your organization

  • Increase customer satisfaction due to fast response, pervasive omnichannel approach.
  • A context-aware transition from Self Service to Assisted Service (from chatBOT to real agents)
  • Up to 75% of automation, reducing agent contact load
  • Ensures a consistent brand voice, giving to your BOT a real personality
  • Deploy the solution to a number  of contact channels in a single click
  • Serve thousands of users at the same time without adding humans


Voice is still the most used channel to address customer interactions, this is why Convy is able to manage also the Voice Channel to solve customer interactions.


Integrating Convy with your existing IVR or telephony system you can:


Create a Natural Language AI driven experience for your customers

Reduce IVR navigation time

Optimize agent targets through better call classification

Convy AI is better

  • It is an orchestrator for all the components involved in the customer journey (Front End, CRM, TT, …) valuing them and taking “conscious” decisions
  • It is a single service that can be provided as chatBOT or VoiceBOT to manage traditional voice channels
  • Its SDKs enables fast integration in the complex environment
  • A deep layer of analytics enables to monitor and improve the service
  • A high level of customization of dialogues is guaranteed

The Value

  • Up to 75% of agents workload reduction
  • Customer satisfaction improvement (+30%)
  • Multiple sales opportunities


Convy acts with different identities


As a personal advisor or a virtual customer care agent, making a bank transfer via chat, defining


As a virtual support engineer helping you to find what’s wrong with  your  internet connection


As a virtual insurance agents helping you to renew your insurance policy by receiving a better discount


As a personal shopper suggesting  purchasers search for particular fittings


As a virtual concierge searching for the best room available in Paris and quickly books it


As a virtual maintenance technician helping to solve problems with your installations

MATEO BRUNI Product Manager

Mentioned in more than 25 Gartner reports part of the Italian (AGID) and European landscape for artificial intelligence. Part of the “Gartner Conversational Interface Market Guide (June 2018)” where is mentioned in the 20 most interesting chatBOT solution in the market (composed of about 1000 companies).


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COMPANY ADVANTAGES Contacts  handled by CC agents reductions Extention to a large number of services, configuring the knowledge base behind them Costs reduction in deploying the solutions to different channels Transition from Self Service to Assisted Service


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